How EvaluAgent created efficiency savings of £800,000 for NS&I in just six months

After successfully introducing EvaluAgent to NS&I's contact centre, Atos turned its attention to the back office.

Customer experience is a huge priority for NS&I. An efficient back office operation, tightly-integrated with the contact centre, was essential to achieving its vision of becoming a customer centric business.

However the back office was struggling to manage significant volumes of rework and repeat contacts resulting from the failure of earlier processes to satisfy the customer need while spreadsheet-based management information offered little insight into the problem.

Atos opted to roll out EvaluAgent’s cloud-based back-office suite which enables managers to , support and engage employees using customer-focused metrics such as quality, rework metrics, and real-time customer feedback.

Within six months, the implementation has helped to transform the back office and achieve:

  • 21% reduction in work items received in the back office
  • 10% drop in service-based complaints
  • £800,000 efficiency savings

NS&I was so pleased with the results, it has already started discussions on rolling out EvaluAgent to its offshore operations.